When Did The Nintendo Switch Come Out?

nintendo switch release date

Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly a successful gaming console that allows you to play your most favorite games anytime you want, whether you are on the go or at home. Since its first release in 2017, it has set a whole new mark for gamers who are obsessed with all its features. Most of them are eager to know when the next version will be available and whether it will be called a Nintendo switch Pro or Nintendo switch 2.

As the console has got updated multiple times from its release date, there have been significant changes in the way it enhanced your overall gaming experience. The updated versions such as Switch Lite and Switch (OLED) have already made it a seamless experience but there was further scope for improvement in a lot of areas. So, Nintendo has recently announced that they are going to launch a newer version quite soon.

Nintendo Switch release date

As mentioned above, the first release date of the Nintendo switch was March 3, 2017. The launch date was announced by the developers on October 20, 2016. It was a grand success and hence there have been persistent rumors about the launch of Nintendo switch 2. The Nintendo Switch Lite got launched two years later in September 2019 and since then more rumors have popped up regarding the new launch date of Nintendo Switch 2. After 2 years, the Switch (OLED) got released in October 2021. It offered a whole lot of added components to the console, which made it the latest version till now. Since there has been a two-year gap twice to upgrade the console, we can assume that the next release date will be somewhere around autumn 2023.

Many experts have opined about their expectations from Nintendo switch when it comes to setting another update. Serkan Toto is a renowned game analyst in Tokyo and all over the world, who expects the new version to come out along with Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 or simply after its launch date in 2022. More research made by gaming enthusiasts and experts shows that the upcoming 4K Switch is going to come out somewhere around the second half of 2022. These are only predictions about the launch as there has been no confirmation made at the official site of Nintendo.

What is Nintendo Switch all about?

In case you didn’t know what Nintendo Switch is all about and why there has been so much hype about its latest updates, here is a synopsis. Nintendo Switch is quite an interesting gadget for game lovers alike because it is a gaming console that looks and acts like a tablet and lets users play their favorite video games online. 

Developed by Nintendo, the device is the most versatile when it comes to usage. You can either use it as a home console when playing at home or as a portable gaming device while on the go. Equipped with wireless Joy-Con controllers, the device is solely developed for gaming purposes. There are directional analog sticks and standard buttons on the device that enable you to use it to the fullest. Moreover, there are other fabulous features such as motion sensing and tactile feedback that can fulfill every need of handheld-style play.

The Expected Name of Switch 4

There is an obvious question among all Nintendo fans regarding the name of Switch 4. Just like any other device, the new version name of this gaming console should depict in every sense that it’s more powerful and advanced than the previous ones. This is what the Nintendo followers believe and hence they have already started to assume new names that would depict the same. Before the launch of Switch (OLED), many Nintendo followers believed that it will be named Switch Pro. Hence, Nintendo may use this name or something similar to launch its future version. However, Switch 4K and Switch 4 are also names with potential chances and all of us have to wait for the final name when Nintendo declares it on their official site.

Though technically it is going to be the fourth version and people are assuming the name to be Switch 4, there are chances of the updated device to be called the Switch 2. The reason is that this one is going to be the second-most grand update after the first version as the next two updates were very nominal ones. Some Nintendo followers have also assumed the name to be Super Nintendo Switch, which sounds great but is not too likely to happen according to us. If you look at the naming convention of the development company, you will see that there is an emphasis on the term ‘New’. Hence, we believe there are also probabilities of something as simple and predictable as the New Nintendo Switch if they follow their naming convention.

The Specifications of the Future Version

Before starting with this section, let us ensure you that there haven’t been any direct links or commitments about the specifications of the next Nintendo switch from their end. Just like any other technology, of course, there will be some rectifications of the previous OLED model. The experts have some idea how the specs might be like. Another interesting fact here is that there were some leaks before the launch of the OLED model, which were not present in it. So, if that might be the case then perhaps those leaks were for the future version of the console.

We have already seen how Nintendo has been particular in upgrading the computing power as well as the 4K high-definition graphics while developing the OLED model. After its launch, some third-party game developers have declared that Nintendo has asked them to make their games more 4k-friendly. According to a recent report, about 11 companies have declared that they have already integrated 4K Switch dev kits with their games. Some of these were all set while the launch of the OLED version but the companies had faced some problems regarding the functionality that they have improved today.

Of course, Nintendo wouldn’t want to play havoc with their sales and hence they would never leak their reports too soon before the official launch of their next consoles. Hence, both Nintendo and Zynga, a popular gaming company, have denied the recent report regarding their emphasis on making games more 4k-friendly or something that could make their competitors aware of their plans. Yet, based on the components of Switch OLED, it is quite evident that they will be working on 4K support to enhance the features further. There are some speculations about Nintendo working on a Realtek chip that’s advanced enough to support 4k and HDMI.

There is another rumor that’s quite relevant today. It’s about a new T214 chip that could be more improved than the current T210 chipset. With this, there are chances of an updated 8 GB RAM that was 4 GB before and a new PCB (Print Circuit Board). Nintendo is also looking up to upgrading the design of their console. It is more about the comfort of the users by making the buttons a little easier to press and bend. We believe these updates can impress the hardcore Switch gamers as these are much needed for long periods of play.

Which Features Should be There in the New Nintendo Switch?

Though we’ve already discussed which specs are rumored to be present in the new updated Nintendo switch, here are some specific features that we would like to see in it. Since we have got quite accustomed to the first-gen console, we are reviewing it to see how the next-gen console can make a difference.

  • 4K Video Output: The first thing that comes to our mind while reviewing the Nintendo Switch is its video resolution, which could be better in the future. It is not unknown to the Nintendo switch users that the console provides only a 720p display and a full 1080p HD when connected to the TV. It is surely not enough when you compare its screen to any other latest devices such as smartphones and tabs with 4K resolution.
  • Big Storage: The 32GB built-in storage of the Nintendo switch got better on the OLED model, which got updated to 64GB. Both the consoles provided an option to expand the memory with a microSD card. Though the storage space might seem sufficient for most of the switch gamers, it’s far behind the storage space provided by PS5 and Xbox Series X. Hence, we think there should be at least 128GB or 256GB.
  • Superior Battery: If you compare the battery of the Nintendo Switch to a laptop battery, you won’t be hugely disappointed. On top of that, there is a huge collection of power banks to extend the battery life of your Nintendo switch. However, we believe that it could always be better owing to the new technologies. If you get a superior battery on the new-gen switch, you won’t need to carry the bulky power bank while you play games on the go.
  • Better Overall Specifications: With a better resolution and larger storage, we believe Nintendo can do much better when it comes to the graphical output. Many Nintendo users complain that the device is not the ultimate one for playing the biggest games with a lot of graphical works. Hence, they can improve their graphical output to some extent. We also believe that the Nvidia Tegra X1 processor needs an upgrade in the next version.

Price of Nintendo Switch Models

The first-gen Nintendo switch costs around $299 whereas the OLED version costs a little higher, which is around $349. If a new updated version gets launched in the future which will be equipped with all the above features we have mentioned above, the price is supposed to get higher than these two versions. However, we cannot estimate the cost because it’ll depend upon which new features are included in it. 

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