What does FPS stand for in Gaming?


whats does fps in gaming

You must have seen the acronym FPS often being used in games. If you are new to gaming and don’t know what it means, this article will answer all your queries related to FPS. 

FPS stands for ‘Frames Per Second’. It is the rate at which the frames (back-to-back images) appear on your monitor to form a moving image in one second. It is the performance index of a game. 

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Games with higher FPS perform better and are more fun to play whereas games with lower FPS are more difficult to play because of the irregular delays in the frames. High FPS ensures smooth running and response of the game. 


First Person Shooter

FPS in a game can also mean ‘First Person Shooter’. The character you play in the game is in the first person which means you see what the person sees. In this genre of games, your eye is the camera. 

Types of FPS ratings

In gaming, there are different types of frame rates available. These are 30 FPS, 60 FPS, 120 FPS, and 240 FPS. For 30FPS, in each second, there are 30 frames or images layered upon one another. For 60FPs, 60 frames or images are layered upon one another in each second. This applies to 120 FPS and 240 FPS as well. 

•30 FPS – This is the minimum frame rate required for you to play a game. Usually, the games run smoothly at this rate but if the rate drops below 20 FPS, some slutter will be seen. This frame rate is common in console games and PCs with low system specifications. 

•60 FPS – This is the maximum frame rate in regular monitors, regular PCs and TVs. This is the standard frame rate achievable on consoles by some well-optimized games. The game runs smoothly at this rate with less slutter. This frame rate is the best for PC action games. 

•120 FPS – This is comparatively smoother than 60 FPS and the game runs better at this rate. The drawback is that it cannot be afforded by all. Only passionate gamers can go for this because of its costly hardware requirements. This frame rate is only available on PCs with high system specifications connected to 144 Hz refresh rate monitors. 

•240 FPS – This is the highest frame rate that can be achieved in gaming today. The gaming experience at this rate is extraordinary. This too can only be afforded by some passionate gamers because of its requirements. This frame rate is only available on PCs with high system specifications connected to 240 Hz refresh rate monitors. 

Higher FPS rates do not guarantee you zero fluctuations. It is nearly impossible to maintain a stable frame rate with zero fluctuations. It doesn’t matter even if you have a high-end PC or well-optimized game. There will indeed be comparatively very less fluctuations in higher frame rates. 

For gamers, 60 FPS is good but a frame rate of 30 FPS too performs well. It depends on the objects in the game. The bigger the objects, the less the action displayed and the tolerance of the frame rate will be more.

For a stable balance between the graphics and the frame rates, 45 FPS is a good option. If you are a serious gamer, then opt for higher FPS. 

Advantage of High FPS rating

Different frame rates give different gaming experiences. Higher frame rates will have a more smooth gaming experience and the image response will be quicker. Higher frame rates not only give quick image response but also ensure that the visuals and the animations appear better and in a seamless manner.

Does High FPS matter in gaming? 

Yes, if you are an enthusiastic and serious gamer. The quality of the game would have an effect then. If your opponent has a quality monitor and a high FPS rating, he/she will be able to see more quickly than you. This can be an advantage for your opponent.

You would experience lag while live streaming and the video quality will also differ at low frame rates. Being able to see more frames in a second makes the reaction time quick in the game. 

Is High FPS better than Low FPS?


30fps vs 60fps

Well, now you know about the different types of FPS ratings, their requirements and advantages. So the answer is obviously ‘Yes’. 

Higher FPS does have an advantage. You will be able to see more frames each second so you can respond more quickly to the changes taking place in the game. This will help you observe better while playing and make the gaming more fun. You will have an interactive gaming experience.

What should you choose?

It’s totally your choice. It depends on whether you want to play the game at a higher frame rate or a lower frame rate. Considering the requirements and your budget, you can choose any frame rate which is suitable and affordable for you. 

Higher FPS is definitely better but in some cases, a lower FPS can turn out to be more advantageous for you. 

How is this? 

This is because of immersion. Most of the movies are shot at 24 FPS. So a 30 FPS can actually give you a more cinematic feeling. This is why you will observe that some older games with rough animations don’t appear well in high frame rates. Older games or games with no motion capture technology used appear better at low frame rates. 

The second case is when your PC suffers from frame rate dips and is unable to maintain a constant frame rate. In this case, your PC will perform better at 30 FPS and will also give a smoother experience.

Final Call

In gaming, even a split second can make you lose the tournament. Timing, strategies, quick response, observations and analysis play an important role while gaming, especially if you want to win the tournament. 

If you are a normal gamer, you don’t need high frame rates. You can enjoy gaming even at low frame rates. If you are looking to make it big in the gaming league, go for high frame rates. 

The final call is on you. Happy Gaming! 

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