Top 8 Best FPS Gaming Mouse in 2021

best fps gaming mice

In gaming and animation, frequency is measured in terms of FPS or frames per second. So, while playing games on a PC or a laptop, you need an FPS gaming mouse that can offer accuracy and precision.

While a serious gamer needs a good quality gaming mouse, even non-gamers benefit hugely by using it. Whether you are playing games or doing some other multimedia-based work, an FPS gaming mouse helps you do your work more efficiently. 

FPS gaming mouse devices are most popular among people who play first-person shooter games extensively. Unlike a regular mouse, an FPS gaming mouse comes with an array of adjustable options that help you indulge in gaming for several hours without feeling a sense of discomfort. 


Here are 8 of the best FPS gaming mouse devices you can choose from:

1. Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro 

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Apart from performance, functionality is one aspect you must look into while buying an FPS gaming mouse. The Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro scores high on both factors. Like the earlier models, this device too supports wireless Qi charging. The user gets the option to connect the mouse to the PC or laptop using a USB-A cable or using it as a wireless mouse with the help of Bluetooth technology or a USB Type-A dongle. 

This FPS gaming mouse measures 5 x 3.5 x 1.7 inches and weighs 4.96 ounces. There are as many as 8 programable buttons and the sensitivity rate is 18,000 DPI. Its bespoke design might evoke different reactions from different people but nobody would be able to deny the fact that it is a strong and durable product. The panels on the left side and the rear end feature a textured rubber finish that contributes towards a better grip on the device. A unique, magnetized grip option is provided on the right side of the mouse.

Corsair products are known for their durable components and high-end features. The iCUE software on this mouse offers a variety of features including button remapping, customizable RGN lighting and DPI adjustments. One of the stand-out features is the surface calibration tool that you can run only if you are using the mouse with the help of a USB-C cable. You can see a prominent difference in the smoothness and accuracy of the mouse once you start using this tool. 


  • Low latency
  • Smooth operation
  • Clean 8-button layout
  • Highly useful software


  • Slightly expensive
  • Battery indicator is not accurate

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2. HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro

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The HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro features a thoughtful design that is stylish and comfortable at the same time. It comes armed with the Pixart 3389 sensor that offers a great degree of sensitivity and accuracy. Many mice manufactured by Pulsefire come with preset DPI intervals but this particular device gives you the freedom to choose different increments ranging from 200 – 16,000 DPI. 

The mouse features a distinctive mid-body arch that makes this device most suitable for right-handed gamers. If you are left-handed or ambidextrous, this might not be the right mouse to invest in. The device also has a well-constructed flared edge at the front that helps you reach out to and use the buttons on the left- and right-hand sides of the device. The Omron switches on the mouse are of very good quality and don’t get damaged despite repeated use. According to the brand, these switches can withstand more than 20 million clicks. 

On the mouse, you come across six different buttons including the dual left-facing thumb buttons. The rubberized grips on either end offer comfort but take away some of the charm associated with the device’s design. Under the mouse, you find two big skates that function very well. At 95 grams, the mouse is slightly heavy but you get used to the weight with time. The four RGB lighting presets that you get to select from include color cycle, solid color, trigger and breathing. 


  • Low latency
  • Durable build quality
  • Multiple RGB lighting options
  • Compatible with Windows and MacOS


  • Relatively heavy
  • Not suitable for left-handed gamers

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3. Corsair Nightsword RGB 

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The Corsair Nightsword RGB is a mouse that has been designed to suit the requirements of both FPS and MOBA players. Its unconventional design draws your attention towards it instantly and if you like mouse devices with edgy shapes, you will take a liking to this mouse. One of its highlights is the fact that its weight can be easily adjusted according to the user’s preference. Armed with a highly sensitive sensor and 10 buttons and a wing-like structure that offers support to the thumb, it is a very useful mouse to have. 

Just reading the measurements (1.7 x 3.4 x 5.1 inches) of the device will give you an idea of its enormous size. Its unusual design, however, has its disadvantages too. If you are not used to working on a big mouse, there is a good chance of your hand slipping off the corners frequently. Another issue with the mouse is its rubberized grip which looks nice but is quite slippery. Apart from the main buttons, there are two pairs of very small or macro buttons on the side, one pair of which helps you regulate the DPI settings. 

There is a panel on the underside that acts as a cover for the sensor. If you remove it, you will see some small boxes in the form of a hexagonal array that works as placement areas for as many as six removable weights. You can use iCUE, the brand’s official configuration software, to see the way a shift or change in the center of gravity happens when weight is added in different positions. It is very convenient to navigate through the software and it has several features that make the process of using the mouse smoother.


  • Granular level setting
  • Weight adjusting option
  • Additional thumb support
  • Several RGB zones


  • Difficult to operate with small hands
  • Slippery rubberized grip

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4. Asus ROG Gladius II Origin

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Designed for right-handed gamers who prefer a wireless FPS gaming mouse, the Asus ROG Gladius II Origin is nicely built and works well for all hand sizes and grip types. Having said that, it is a little large for those who have very small hands. Also, for a gaming mouse, the click latency is quite high. The ROG Armoury II software by Asus is decent but not as good as the kind of configuration software you get with mouse devices in this price range.

While most people prefer to use it as a wireless device, you can also connect it to a device using a USB cable. The brand provides the users with two different wiring options – a PVC coated wire and a braided cable. The mouse features four buttons. Four of them are on the top and two can be found on the left, closer to the left-click panel’s base. Some users might feel a little disappointed by the absence of a DPI-adjustment button. 

The quality of the rubber grips could have been much better. The lighting effects on the device are quite impressive and you can configure them easily using the software. On the mouse, there are three different areas of illumination – the ROG icon, the scroll wheel and the edges on the underside of the mouse. The buttons are easily clickable and very responsive. 


  • Very comfortable to use
  • Responsive buttons
  • Great lighting effects
  • Sensitive optical sensor


  • Sluggish configuration software
  • High click latency

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5. Logitech G Pro FPS Mouse

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The Logitech G Pro has all the features you would expect in a well-functioning FPS gaming mouse. From low-latency clicking to an accurate sensor, it has got the basics covered well. You expect precision from a wireless mouse and you get that with this one. The DPI is easily adjustable and covers a range of 100 to 25,600. The weight of the device is 80 grams. Once fully charged, it can run for as long as 60 hours. If you use it with the RGB lighting on, it will last for 45-48 hours. 

The brand offers a warranty of two years on the product which is quite good. Black is the only color this device is made available in. This mouse has been designed to cater to both professional and casual gamers. On the top of the device, you can see three LEDs that give you an accurate idea about its battery life. The mouse boasts of an ambidextrous design and therefore, can be used by both left-handers and right-handers. 

Many people believe that a wireless mouse is not as responsive as one with a wired connection. Once you use this mouse, you are bound to think differently. The Logitech Lightspeed wireless technology is highly advanced and reliable. However, if you like to use it as a wired device, you get the option to do that too. A USB-A dongle, along with a six-foot-long cable, is provided as a part of the packaging unit with this mouse. 


  • Long battery life
  • Customizable RGB lighting
  • Understated and classy design
  • Compatible with mobile devices


  • Lack of specialized gaming features
  • Not very suitable for MMO games

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6. Razer DeathAdder V2 

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The design of the Razer DeathAdder V2 is nothing to write home about but the mouse doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its performance. The mouse buttons are comfortable and offer enough space for your fingers. The buttons use an actuation technique based on light beams and that contributes greatly towards the smooth operation of the device. Weighing 82 grams, it’s not very heavy despite its elaborate structure. 

The mouse offers an acceleration of 50G and the maximum DPI offered by it is 20,000. The Speedflex cable provided by the brand along with the mouse is of fine quality. Apart from being durable, it is also quite flexible. There have been some structural and design-based improvements as compared to the earlier models. The sensitivity buttons are now broader and classified into two different units with the help of a plastic sliver that runs between them.

On both ends of the mouse, you find well-designated thumb rests that add to the comfort that you experience while using the device. The matte black coating ensures that your hand doesn’t feel slippery even when you use the mouse for a long time. The resolution accuracy rate offered by this mouse is 99.6. The buttons on the device are responsive but a little flimsy. The on-board memory of the mouse enables you to create and store five profiles at one time.


  • 20,000 CPI sensor
  • Ergonomic design
  • Great response time
  • Good quality cable


  • Steep pricing
  • Flimsy buttons

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7. Redragon Cobra M711

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Though the Redragon Cobra M711 doesn’t come cheap, the premium features on the device help in justifying its price tag to a great extent. One of the highlights of the mouse is the tracking accuracy it provides the user with. It offers five different (1000, 2000, 4000, 8000, 12000) DPI levels that can be adjusted or changed easily. It comes armed with optical switches that, as per the brand’s claim, can withstand 50 million clicks.

The dimensions of the mouse are 4.72 x 2.59 x 1.65 inches and it weighs a little less than a hundred grams. This mouse is preferred by a large number of gamers because of its versatility. It proves to be as suitable for a shooter game as it does for a game involving an elaborate mission spanning across different locations. It features five memory modes that enable you to save custom commands for a large number of games.

The 24,000 CPI sensor offers an incredible amount of accuracy and is one of the top reasons why you should be investing in this mouse. The brand provides a 1.80m long braided cable that stands the test of time. The device comes with seven programmable buttons that play an important part in making the device useful for a wide variety of games. With a weight of 7.2 ounces, you won’t find it very difficult to move it around. 


  • High-end features 
  • Flexible DPI settings
  • 24,000 CPI sensor
  • Full RGB lighting customization


  • Rubberized scroll wheel
  • Complicated software usage

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8. Corsair M65 Pro RGB

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The Corsair M65 Pro has been designed keeping right-handed FSP players in mind. Multiple customization options and a highly accurate sensor are some of the things you are assured of when you buy this mouse. One of the highlights of this device is its terrific build quality. The mouse is built with high-quality aluminum that lends it style and strength. While the black-colored model is the most popular, it is also available in white. 

While the complete device weighs 135.5 grams, the overall weight reduces to 115 grams once you get the screws and the optional weights removed. Easy weight customization is one of the factors that have contributed to the device’s high sales. There are eight well-positioned programmable buttons on the mouse. The shape of the mouse, including thumb rest and well-designed edges, contribute towards comfortable usage. 

The buttons are placed on the mouse very thoughtfully. Your fingers will be able to travel from one button to another effortlessly. Along with the left- and right-click buttons, you get DPI up and down buttons, a clickable scroll wheel, three thumb buttons and a sniper button that helps the user in adjusting the DPI setting. The device offers a good degree of precision and the credit for that goes to the 12,000 DPI optical sensor. 


  • High click latency
  • Good sensor precision
  • Customized RGB lighting
  • Built with aircraft-grade aluminum


  • Slightly bulky
  • No wireless connectivity

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Choosing a good quality FPS gaming mouse is one of the most important things to do when you wish to taste significant success in computer gaming. If you are a professional gamer who participates in competitions, then making the right choice becomes all the more important. While buying an FPS gaming mouse, you have to consider many factors and look into each aspect of the product. For instance, if you are a left-hander player, buying a mouse that has been designed for right-handed gamers would just result in you wasting precious money.

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when you go shopping for an FPS gaming mouse.

Type of Game

The kind of gaming mouse that you will be buying will be dependent on the games you like playing. For instance, if you like playing only shooter games, you must look for a mouse that has the kind of features that makes it easy or comfortable for one to play such games. To play MMO and RTS games, you would require a gaming mouse featuring the kind of buttons that can be allotted to perform different tasks. 


Before you start looking for an FPS gaming mouse, you need to decide whether you would like to have a wired mouse or one that offers wireless connectivity. There was a time when wireless mice offered a lesser degree of responsiveness and accuracy as compared to wired devices. However, as technology became more and more advanced, these differences got blurred. Wireless mice tend to cost more money than wired mice. 


Since you will be using a mouse throughout the game for different purposes, you must be comfortable with its weight. If you like a particular mouse and believe the features it has will help you improve your game, then you could consider buying it. However, if that mouse turns out to be too heavy for your hands, it could affect your gaming performance adversely. Many FPS gaming mice come with weight customizing options too.


Whether you want a mouse featuring a laser sensor or one with an optical sensor is something you have to decide. Some players work better with optical sensor mice and vice-versa. Both have their pros and cons. It has been observed that a laser mouse lags at times but there is minimal chance of that happening with an optical mouse. As far as surface compatibility is concerned, a laser mouse tends to perform better than an optical mouse. 


While buying a gaming mouse, customization is one of the most important factors to be considered. Find out whether the buttons are programmable and the device is compatible with the software. When you play a high-end FPS game, it becomes very important to use a mouse that has customizable features. 

Grip Style

To make their gaming experience better or more successful, gamers use different types of grip styles like a fingertip, palm and claw. When you consider buying a particular FPS gaming mouse, find out the kind of grip style it offers and whether it matches the type you are comfortable with. 


What is the difference between an FPS gaming mouse and a simple computer mouse?

A lot of gamers who used a basic computer mouse for years notice a major change in their performance and gaming experience when they start using an FPS gaming mouse. An FPS gaming mouse is divided into different categories based on a number of factors. There are different gaming mice for left-handers and right-handers. The number of buttons and features on a gaming mouse are a lot more than on a simple computer mouse. The precision, accuracy and sensitivity offered by an FPS gaming mouse cannot be compared to that of a basic mouse. 

When it comes to buying an FPS gaming mouse, there are many brands you can consider. Razer is one of the most popular brands in this segment. The company understands the commercial importance of making a product available at different price points and therefore, it deals in budget, medium-range and premium quality FPS gaming mouse devices. 

As a brand, Logitech is known to manufacture FPS gaming mice that offer a lot of precision and are ideal for shooting games. The brand also offers packages containing different components like a keyboard, mouse and other accessories. When you buy these together, you get them at a relatively cheaper price. 

Should I go for a heavy or a light gaming mouse?

Go for the mouse whose weight you would be comfortable handling. Gamers, who are just starting, opt for a lighter mouse. A lot of professional gamers prefer using a heavy mouse as they feel it offers them better control over the game. These days, many brands manufacture FPS gaming mice whose weight can be adjusted by the user based on their personal preference. So, if you find a mouse to be a little heavy for you, you can remove the adjustable weights and then use it. 

Do professional gamers use wireless FPS gaming mouse devices?

For the longest time, professional gamers stayed away from wireless mouse devices as these were not considered as accurate as wired mouse devices. There were several other issues associated with them like the presence of heavy batteries, steep pricing, extremely high rate of latency and others. As time went by, one saw a massive improvement in the way wireless mouse devices were designed and manufactured. 

The modern-day wireless mouse was almost as light as its wired counterpart. The latency rate, too, was at a balanced level. Now, many professional gamers prefer wireless mouse devices over wired mice. There is no chance of cables being tangled and you can carry them from one place to another with utmost convenience. That being said, wired mouse devices continue to be popular and are still preferred by a large number of gamers. 

How important is a gaming mouse for a gamer?

Many prominent games do not necessitate the use of a mouse and can be played with the help of a keyboard or a joystick. However, the majority of games, including shooter games and strategy games, cannot be played without the help of a gaming mouse. Most games require precision and that’s when you need a gaming mouse. Having a mouse at your disposal also helps you to make several movements within a game with much more efficiency.

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